Completely self-contained Mobile Water Purification System (MWPS)

Easy to transport, setup and operate

Complies with many of the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)

Multiple power sources including renewable power

Does not require fuel, chemicals or replaceable filter cartridges

Minimal maintenance required with lowest Operating and Maintenance cost

MWPS-4000 Features

The MWPS-4000 is the latest generation of IWC’s water purification systems. Based on years of research and development, experience in the field, and working together with the U.S. Department of Defense and international sovereign government entities, IWC has developed one of the most sophisticated water purification system on the market for disaster relief, emergency response, and/or supplying municipal potable water without the need for fuel, chemicals, or disposable replacement filter cartridges.

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• System is enclosed in a sturdy, durable, ISO certified ocean shipping container for easy transport via trailer, tractor-trailer or cargo ship

• System can be deployed and pumping purified water in less than 15 minutes with full setup in less than 3 hours

• All of the components of the MWPS-4000 are transported fully self-contained within the box which can be secured with a heavy duty lock or security seal

• Full training provided at IWC's facility or available with in-country installation onsite

• Rugged, one horsepower, self-priming, submersible pump can be used in a variety of water sources

• Ultrafiltration provides low turbidity water and a barrier to bacteria, even in changing water conditions

• Disinfects water without the use of chemicals

• On-board reservoir and electronic dosing pump support residual post-treatment disinfection for water storage, electrolytic injection for cholera control, or liquid fertilizer for drip irrigation.

• Parallel and redundant treatment systems allow for continuous production during backwash and maintenance activities

• Automated backwash function ensures timely cleaning extending filter life and substantially reducing labor costs

• Factory set backwash intervals may be re-programmed according to source water quality

MWPS Specifications*

Effluent Output ≈ 4,000 liters per hour or 96,000 liters per day**


  • Length 2.44 meters
  • Width 1.46 meters
  • Height 2.44 meters

Dry Weight: 1,882 kilograms

Wet Weight: 2,257 kilograms

Filtration: 0.02 microns (20 Nanometers)

Solar Output: 2,000 Watts

Wind Generator Output: 1,600 Watts

Generator Output: 3,000 Watts

12 month limited warranty


* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

** Based on continuous supply of power. Water flow may vary based on source water quality.

MWPS-4000 Mobile Water Purification System

A look inside the self-contained MWPS-4000

• No replaceable filter cartridges; membranes can be used for several years with minimal maintenance

• Polishing filters can be optionally customized based on specific water challenges

• Fully integrated hybrid power management system allows for use of included solar and wind power, as well as on-board generator and AC or DC external line power ensuring that on-board battery bank is continually charged.

• On-board, 3 kilowatt generator automatically starts to power and charge the system when it detects low battery levels.

• Electronic water conditioners provide:

– Corrosion resistance

– Scale inhibition

– In-line coagulation, which increases filter efficiency and decreases filter fouling

• UV final stage disinfection effective against bacteria, viruses, and protozoa

• Removes arsenic III/V, lead, mercury, chromium VI, copper and uranium