What We Do

International Water Company manufactures water purification solutions for mobile and stationary applications for municipal, defense, strategic, emergency and disaster relief.

Products are engineered to be self-contained, sustainable and environmentally friendly. The current products have evolved from predecessors that have seen significant ‘action’ in the trenches around the globe. 

The MWPS-4000

The MWPS-4000 is a self-contained, mobile, and fully redundant water treatment facility that can provide purified drinking water from a wide range of sources. Originally designed to assist first responders in post-disaster situations, the MWPS-4000 can operate using no external power sources while providing up to 96,000 liters per day of potable water based on continuous power supply. 

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Unlike many other water treatment products, the MWPS-4000 uses no disposable filters, reducing the need for extensive supply chain logistics. In addition, the MWPS-4000 utilizes state-of-the-art electronics that allow it to run on solar energy, wind energy, generator or dedicated AC line power. Using any available energy source, the unique water treatment process purifies otherwise non-potable water through cutting edge membranes and media filtration.

MWPS-4000 on its trailer

MWPS-4000 with the solar array and wind turbine deployed

Logistics / Set up / Training

IWC provides consulting to customers for the transportation and logistics involved with shipping the Mobile Water Purification System to the final destination.

IWC will ensure that the MWPS is set up and running smoothly at the designated location.

IWC provides extensive hands-on training in the operation and maintenance of the Mobile Water Purification System.


Water Purification System arriving via truck

Assembling the solar panels